Calisthenics isn't like weightlifting

So today is my first day of summer vacation and I thought that would be a good date to write a post about my progress with my calisthenics goal.

First thought, Calisthenics isn’t like lifting weights. Lifting weights has been pretty much the single form of excercise (besides some regular cardio) for me for the past few years and I still love it, I just hate that I’m not as “fit” as I used to be when doing martial arts (which my knee prevents me from doing).

Anyways, I’m now up to doing 8 one hand pushups (if it’s the first excercise for the session), I haven’t been doing knuckle pushups that much so I’m at about 34 reps now but they are a lot easier than when I started. I did 20 pseudo planches this morning which I think is pretty good and I believe that I’m using good form since it feels like my feet are about to lift. I also did 8 pseudo planches where I push with my feet and try to get some hang time. I think I will incorporate these more since it felt like it really tested my strength and stability. I’m also up to a 25 sec tuck planche on a dip bar, it’s alot less on the ground with flat palms but part of that is due to my wrists and lack of balance, I will have to step my game up with the frog and advanced frog to help me with this.

I could probably have worked more on this during the last month but I’m pretty happy with what I accomplished!