First day of calisthenics

New goals in the field of fitness.

I want to be able to to planche pushups and the human flag. This of course requires me to change my normal bodybuilding style regiment and include some form of calisthenic movements. I’m currently in the stage where I need to work on my psuedo planche and one handed pushups before I can move on to do an advanced frog stand for any more than 2 seconds. I also need to be able to rep out a “few” more knuckle pushups before I can reach the first part of my goal. I started doing “the plank” a few days ago and will keep doing this to increase my core endurance.

Some baseline stats that I did before my regular excercise today:

  • 7x 6x 7x 6x pseudo planches
  • 4x right handed pushups
  • 2x left handed pushups
  • 30x knuckle pushups

I really need to step this up, but I’m quite happy since I haven’t done any form of bodyweight training for years.