Tilypure CSS flexible tile system

Tily is perfect for building modern style flat applications, structuring content on your site or simply creating navigational elements.

Download the latest version of tily, v1.0.3


Defining tiles for a simple use case isn't hard, but when you add requirements of a fluid site layout and device specific layouts, the complexity adds up. Tily solves these issues for you, all you have to do is drop your tiles in wherever you need them.


Tily is a fully fluid system meaning that your tiles will fit wherever you put them. The default Tily configuration also ships with transforming rows and tiles that allows you to create layouts that will look different depending on the devices screen size.


Tily is built to support modern and semi-modern browsers that support the box-sizing: border-box; CSS attribute. This means that IE8 and up is supported along with most other browsers.